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Hiring an Interior Painter

Interior painting can quickly enliven your home’s interior for reasonably less money and time. But if you don’t have what it takes to pull a DIY, hiring a pro is no doubt your best option. Then again, not all professional interior painters are the same. You need to do some homework to ensure that you end up with the right one.

Before you decide to hire an interior painting contractor, review the following:

Presence of Lead Paint

If your house was constructed prior to 1978, have a qualified lead expert scan it before you begin working. It may still have lead paint in the first layers.


The foundation of any good paint job is preparation- if you do it right, your paint will perform best. Otherwise, even the best paint brand will peel, chip or crack easily. Also be sure to fix all necessary repairs before you get started. Walls must be completely cleaned, most especially in the cooking area. Grease and soap scum can be a problem when it comes to the paint’s adhesion.

Knowing the Details

Before you begin the work, see to it that you have a written contract, and that it includes everything that will be done and products that will be used. What type and how much surface preparation is to be done, for instance, or what paint brand will be used and how many coats?

Additional Costs

The painter may agree to move your heavy furniture, but that doesn’t mean it’s part of the estimates you received. It’s best to ask beforehand about extra charges. If the painter has to reach higher than 8 feet, that may also entail extra costs.

Selecting a Paint Color

Before you choose a paint color, consider the perceived space of the room. dark colors make a room look look smaller, and light colors make it look bigger. It’s also smart to stick with neutral colors just in case you decide to sell your home in the future. Buyers will also be able to imagine themselves and their possessions in your house.


Finally, it’s not enough to consider only one candidate for the job. Instead, do a bit of research and have at least three options you can choose from. Get all the vital information you need from each of these painters and then compare. Obviously, you need to give them exactly the same job specifications or your comparison will not be relevant. While the cheapest deal isn’t always the best, neither is the most expensive. Take time searching for that sweet spot and go for the best interior painter who is right for your budget.

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