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History Of Blacks In Canada

Black history month was created to celebrate the growth of the black community all over the world in the recent past. With this, it is possible for blacks to come together and celebrate their struggles as they remember where they have come from. Black history month in Canada is just the same as it is in other parts of the world.

Blacks in Canada are usually referred to as Black Canadians which is to means they have black African descent although those from the Caribbean refer the term Afro-Caribbean. The blacks who draw their roots from the slaves who were broth in by French and British colonists are referred to as black Canadians. After slavery was abolished most of them stayed. Afro-Caribbean prefer the term as they have really strong Caribbean roots. there are alose black immigrants that have spent enough time on Canada and even gained citizenship.

Terminologies is one of the most common controversies in the black community in Canada. There is an issue with calling an afro-Caribbean African Canadian as they feel like their history and culture is demeaned. The term Caribbean Canadian is preferred as it shows their origin. There are those who prefer more specific names with their country of origin as a tribute.

Most black Canadians trace their roots in voluntary migration when the other African Americans trace it in slavery. The first black Canadian to set foot in Canada was a free man who came in as a translator for the French. A while after this, there were groups of free blacks who came into Canada.

As the years pass, the media has increased the representation of black Canadians in their programs. Africans in Canada have been depicted in several significant films. Literature is no different as there are various notable black Canadian writers. With regards to the Canadian hockey team, black Canadians have contributed a lot to the sports if the country.

Black Canadians have a major cultural festival that attracts people each year. The music in Canada has been impacted greatly by black Canadians as they have helped come up with new genres. The genres and songs have had a worldwide airplay.

Ratings show that Canada is the most racially tolerant country. According to surveys done, there is still a population of blacks who have admitted to being harassed in the past. Police officers have been accused of shooting and killing unarmed black men in the time between the 70’s and 90’s. The police in Toronto during this time were said to be the most murderous. The early 90’s saw the relationship between the police and the black people improving. This has even seen black police being accepted into the force.
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