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Reason behind the Many Start-Up Companies in Latin America

This is an area in the amp of the world where there is the success of start-up companies. The capability of the region to support new companies have made investors admire investing in the region. The aim of investors is to make profits in the long run. The region have become a hub where new companies start and grow. The start-up companies start small and end up being major corporations. The special features adopted in the region to help start-up companies thus making it entrepreneurs prefer the region. The countries in the region have noticed that the only way they can improve their economies is by encouraging more and more companies to be set up in the area. You will discover more info on the accelerators in Latin America that is helping in steering the region forward.

Chile is one of the public accelerators in the area. The country has one of the most ideal economies among the country’s in the region. Start up Chile was introduced as a way to entice entrepreneurs to start companies in the area and it was steered by the government of Chile. This program made other countries like the idea and started to introduce their own. The start-up companies under this program excelled well thus marking the great success of the program. In addition to this, Chile boasts a good security infrastructure than most of the Latin countries thus proving to be the direct choice by entrepreneurs as they are assured of the safety of their investments.

The economic condition of Argentina was not good but efforts were made to correct it. IncuBate was started by the Argentinian government so as to help improve the country’s economic situation. This helped to change the mindset of the entrepreneur around the world and motivated them to invest in the region. The program was set up to provide financial aid, mentoring and advice to the start-up for a whole year for those who were able to come up to the capital. The government adopted an open system so as to attract entrepreneurs even from the neighboring countries.

Parallel eighteen is another accelerator program that was started in Puerto Rico. This program provided equity-free training and mentoring access to young investors in a way to help them. The government-backed this program with the aim of it making a positive impact on the country’s struggling economy.

The area enjoys a good business culture supported by the good way of life by the people. The good economic conditions in Latin America attracts investors to start companies in the region.

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