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Areas Where Bean Bags Can Be Applied

It looks like a cushion and can be of any size and shape. A bean bad shapes itself according to the size and shape of the person using it. PVC pellets or small foam pieces are used in making a bean bag. Bean bags have different applications.

The most common use of a bean bag is to sit on it. Depending on the size of the bean bag and that of the person using it, a spherical bag can be used as a lounge, a chair, or a love-seat. You can make a chair or bed from the bean bag as it is in a pattern that can be changed. The bag has the ability to increase support and comfort to the user as it is designed to have multiple shapes.

You can make a dog and cats bed from the bag. The bag is made using a heavyweight material, which increase the comfortability of the dog while sleeping or taking a nap. Moreover, you only need to take out the bean bag cover and wash it; hence, it is easy to clean. When you fill a bean bag with natural material, it can be used as a radiant heating pad. Adding some things like rice, corn, wheat, or oats give a good warm temperature. There is a feeling of a sweet smell due to the aromatic ingredients added. Heat the bag with the help of dry heat from a microwave or oven. Fort the purposes of giving some moisture, it is advisable that you spray some water on the bag; the heat can be retained for not less than an hour.

The material used in making a bean bag is water resistant; hence, can be used for floating in a pool. Again, the beads used in the bean bag cannot sink. You can feel relaxed after floating on water with the help of a bean bag.
Bean bags have started to outpace the use of tripods. You can manipulate the bean bag to take several forms that can allow high and low short angles. A bean bag can fit everywhere.

Safety, especially for kids, is assured when you use a helmet made from a bean bag cushioning. The cushions have millions of round beads that help to disperse the force of impact. There are reduced cases of injuries from bicycle riders who use such helmets.

You can fill a small bean bag with some items and use them for playing games. A well-known game involving a bean bag is called the bean bag toss. You can have big and small holes made in a box to allow you play the game. The game involves tossing a bean bag in those holes and the person who tosses in the smaller holes gets more points than the one who tosses in the larger ones.

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